About Us

Its about good waves. Its about positive vibes and adrenaline. Its about living life ABSOLUTELY STOKED (STKD).

Our mission at STKD is to spread the stoke of surfing around the globe. It's about sharing the positive vibes that comes from a day of surf, sand and salt. Whether you’re pulling into a monster at the Wedge, or hanging ten at San-O, we believe that surfing can change our lives for the better.

Its funny, out of all the things we have ever experienced, nothing quite gives the same feeling as catching a wave. When you drop in on a wave, nothing else matters. Our minds go blank as we become one with the ocean. No more worrying about bills, relationship strifes, or the complexities of life. Surfing calms the mind. Its an adrenaline rush that we keep coming back to again and again (who doesn't love getting barreled?). The ocean is so magnificently powerful and peaceful – absolute pure bliss. The world seems to disappear when we surf, leaving us to experience the world’s most pure and intense sensation. Surfing is more than just sport – its our way of life.

STKD was founded by two brothers and our Dad. We were born and raised in Orange County, CA and have been watermen since birth. Our veins pump with the salt of the ocean - we thrive on stoke and barrels. We still live and work in Orange County, where you can find us surfing and enjoying ugly sand pits at Strands or getting in a couple turns at Trestles.

We hope you join us on our journey to spread the stoke of surfing. Take care and see you out in the water.

Because life isn’t worth living, unless you live life stoked. Live free and surf. Live life stoked.


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